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CoWallet makes expense management of a group easier.

CoWallet is a cooperative income/expense manager, that helping you and your group log and track your finances. You can login via Facebook account and invite your Facebook contact to join your wallet. Members in the wallet can add/edit/remove their daily transactions via the app, and others will be notified in real-time when the transaction changed. All members can always get the full view of the group finances. CoWallet shows the finances trend to help you control team’s funding. CoWallet record can be export as CSV file. *Network connection is required for data syncing Features 1. Login via Facebook, no additional account creation 2. Cooperated with other members 3. Get data change notification in real-time 4. Chat with other member via CoWallet directly 5. Track your money by statistic chart 6. Export data as csv file (can be accessed by MS Office Excel or Apple Numbers)